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Meatless Monday

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Contact: Heidi Anderson

Jul 09 2012

Have a bad case of the Monday's? Beginning of a new week and the perfect time to reevaluate your choices and set new goals to obtain. Studies have indicated that a periodic health change can lead to a positive behavior change, making your Monday that much easier.

Go meatless every Monday in August! Going meatless can not only promote good health it also is a tool to save the environment! Reducing your meat intake can prevent conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It also will limit your carbon footprint and save particular resources like fresh water and prevent fossil fuels. 

Here's the Rules!

Every Monday in August, go completely meat free! If you need help in determining what you can and can't eat visit www.meatlessmonday.com for more information.
The following Tuesday, a one question survey will be sent to you asking if you successfully went meatless the previous day. If so, you'll get your name entered in a drawing to win a $10 Athens County Farmers Market gift certificate! 

You can still eat dairy and eggs on meatless Monday, edible flesh of the animals including fish and poultry are the only restrictions.